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Lawn-Tree-Shrub Health: Fertilizing - Disease Prevention & Treatment

At Chris Mark & Sons Inc. we believe that a great landscape doesn't stop at design and maintenance. Lawn, Tree, and Shrub Health Care is an important component to keeping your landscape looking the best that it can, year after year.

Full Lawn Health Care Program

Our trained and certified professionals will customize a health care program that is specific to your yard. Whether it is weed and crabgrass control, fertilizing programs, tree and shrub diseases or winter moth and grub control; our professional team is there to assist you with your landscape health needs.

 Call us today to learn more about our Full Lawn Health Care Programs. 

Lawn, Tree & Shrub
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Lawn & Plant Health

Red Thread: A fungal infection of the lawn that may look like brown and/or yellow spots in the grass. Look closely and you will see small red spikes on the grass blade. Usually Red Thread will resolve itself with the heat of the sun, but a good application of nutrients will help the grass recover faster.

Lawn Dethatching: Thatch is a layer of plant matter between the grass and the roots of the grass that builds up naturally. This becomes a barrier that blocks air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. It is best to remove thatch ones it becomes thicker than 1/2 of an inch.

Lawn Aeration: Much like dethatching, aeration allows water, air and nutrients to get through the thatch layer. Aeration removes plugs of thatch and soil to allow water, air and nutrients to flow into the root area.

Lawn Overseeding: Often paired with dethatching and/or aeration, overseeding adds seed to the already established grass. This helps to create a thick, luxurious lawn.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Health Care

Fertilizer Applications

CMS also offers organic fertilizer options!

Lime: Applying lime to your lawn regularly helps to balance the pH in the soil, improving lawn quality.

Spring, Summer and Fall Fertilizing: provides the nutrients that your lawn needs to grow healthy and strong. A customized fertilizing program will insure a healthy growing season.

Winterizer Fertilizer:  Helps your lawn prepare for the winter months. It is high in Potassium which will make your lawn more tolerant to cold and stress.

Pest Control

Tick and Mosquito Spraying: We use an environmentally friendly cedar oil perimeter spray to eliminate and repel ticks and mosquitoes from your property.

Grub Control: In the spring, grubs eat the roots of your grass; in the summer, they become beetles that can damage garden foliage and flowers. CMS Landscape can apply fertilizer with grub control to keep these pests at bay.

Winter Moth Spraying: Winter Moths are in invasive species of moth that begins in a larvae state. Treating your trees and shrubs for these larvae will cut back on the winter moth population, helping to protect the beautiful foliage.

Weed Control

stops weeds before they start

Weed Spot Spraying: 
Weeds will grow continuously through out the growing season. Spot treatments will kill those pesky pop-up weeds.

Poison Ivy Control: 
An application to kill and help prevent the spread of poison ivy.

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